Coloured Ribbon Sashes & Flowers



  • These beautiful coloured ribbon sashes and flowers are made to be worn with the Ivory and White Belle dresses, the White Libby dresses and the Ivory and White Princess dresses, the Adele dress, the Bonny dress and the Perfect Flower Girl Dress. The ribbons thread through the belt loops on the sides of the dresses and tie into a bow at the back. The flower can be pinned at the front to keep the ribbon in place or at the back in the centre of the bow.
  • The ribbons come in one side and fit all sizes of the dresses. The width of the ribbon is 3.5cm and the length is 186cm. The width of the flower brooch is roughly 9cm. Ends of the ribbon are unfinished so you can cut to size and seal (if required) with flame from a lighter/candle or with clear nail varnish/glue.
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