Your Wedding Photos

We absolutely adore seeing our dresses in your wedding photos!  Please do send them to us so that we can feature them here as they provide inspiration to other couples who are still in the planning stages of their weddings.  Please email them to

The Petal Dress

We offer a huge range of colours in our popular Petal dress which goes from size 6-12 months right up to 14 years.  The best selling colour is the dusky pink and a big thank you goes to Sarah for sharing these pictures with us :)

flower girl dress with dusky pink petalspetal flower girl dress dusty pink

The Olivia Perfect Flower Girl Dress

The Olivia Perfect Flower Girl Dress is one that we manufacture ourselves and we are very proud of it, as are the little girls who wear it.  As a recent addition to our collection we don't have many pictures of it yet but look forward to seeing yours when they are ready.

All you need to do is to add a length of ribbon in any colour which you can buy from any haberdashers and tie it round the dress and your dress is complete!  Have a look at these beautiful photos of her flower girls wearing the Olivia dress sent in by Cathy:

olivia flower girl dress


Here you can see it with a fuchsia pink sash and headband with flowers:

Here is one wedding where it featured with our yellow organza sash and was customised with little red flowers:


Here it is again across the whole size range teamed with a champagne sash:

Princess Flower Girl Dress

One of our most popular dresses over the years has been the Princess Flower Girl Dress.  Here you can see it with many different sash options including our bow sash and our organza sash.

Here you can see the Princess dress in white with our purple organza sash (worn without the flower) to match the rest of her bridal party.

And this is the same dress again but in ivory this time with one of our champagne bow sashes at a wedding in the Middle East:


These little girls are wearing the ivory dress with our baby pink bow sash.  We love the matching pink shoes!


and the beauty of this dress is that it starts at 3-6 months so you can put the babies in the same dress:

and also toddlers:

Ivory Princess Flower Girl Dresses from Demigella


These three look adorable in the white Princess dress with navy blue sash:

We love these stunning photos of the dress in white with the dusky pink organza sash (huge thanks to Becky Long Photography):

and another one with a purple sash:

And this is the ivory princess dress with an ivory sash made by our customer:

Francesca Flower Girl Dress Baby to 8 years

Thanks to Debbie for sending in these gorgeous photos of her daughter wearing the Francesca dress in red:

Sparkle Dress

If a bit of bling is your thing and you want a dress covered in sparkles, have a look at our beautiful Sparkle dress which comes in white, ivory, pale blue and lilac.  If you want to make it really big and special, add one of our petticoats underneath to puff it out.  Here it is in white:

and here with a flower brooch added to the waist (you can add a sash as well):

Cremona Dress

The Cremona dress comes in pink/white, creamy ivory and white.  This the pretty pink version (the skirt is white tulle but overlaid over the pink lining makes the dress look pale pink):

Belle Dress

Another of our firm favourites is the Belle dress.  This dress is ever so simple but looks terribly effective and is inexpensive.  The fabric is a solid one so the most sensitive of children will not have an issue with it unlike the tulle dresses which some children do not like the feel of.  The fabric is polysilk which is designed to look like silk but is far easier to care for as it is washable and water marks won't show up like they do on silk.  It looks best paired with one of our organza sash and flower sets (each sash comes with two flowers which are just pinned on: one for the front and one for the back - and you don't have to use them of course if flowers are not your thing).  

Here is the baby version with one of our purple organza sash and flower sets: 

and in ivory with the dusky pink organza sash or a burgundy sash in the next photo but one:


and in white with a fuchsia organza sash:


This dress is also popular with large groups as it goes right up to 14 years and can be reordered year after year.  Here is is in white being worn by the girls from the Leven Civic Society


and in white with the dusky pink sash by the Orpington May Queen entourage:

Susanna Dress

An old favourite for many years (actually the first flower girl dress we ever sold!) is the Susanna dress which comes in dusty pink (with sage green flowers) and also in champagne (with burgundy flowers).  This dress fits all from 6-12 months up to 12 years.  Here it is in pink:


and here it is in champagne and burgundy:


Julia Dress

The Julia dress is now available in dark blue as well as fuchsia pink.  This dress replaces the previous styles shown in the pictures below (but we have put the pictures up so that you can be inspired by the beautiful colour schemes):


The Julia dress in red is here:


Sarah Louise Dresses

Sarah Louise dresses vary from season to season so we don't have much continuity unfortunately in the styles we offer but there are some styles which feature almost permanently in their collection like this one, our Samantha Dress.  Here it is in pink although it also comes in white and ivory:

As you can see it has a circular skirt which is very full and makes for some very stunning photographs!

If you want something really special, please have a look at the Sarah Louise website as we may be able to order it in for you; they have a really beautiful selection of special occasion dresses for girls.

This Sarah Louise dress has sadly been discontinued for the time being (although we do have a few left) but we can't resisting putting up these pictures sent to us all the way from Australia

Lucia Dress

The good thing about the Lucia dress is that it has a matching jacket (sold separately) making an ideal dress for the chillier months.  The dress is plain ivory but you can add a coloured sash (as our customers have done in this photo) and you can also choose a burgundy jacket to go with the ivory dress if that matches your colour scheme.

Ivy Dress

If the romance of a bygone era appeals to you and you are having a vintage themed wedding, then have a look at the floral Ivy dress in muted shades of pink and sage green on a dark ivory background.  We can also do this dress in blue if you would like it. Have a look at this photo from a wedding in Africa:

Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

We also cater for that difficult age where children are between children's and adults' sizes with our selection of junior bridesmaid dresses.  At this age, girls are looking for something a bit more grown up and often want to wear a dress which is closer to what the adult bridesmaids are wearing.  Thank you to our customers who have sent in pictures of their Jessica dresses which come in coral, light blue, sage green and lilac:

Past Styles

These are dresses which we no longer sell so you wont be able to order them but we love the photos so have displayed a few of our personal favourites here:

This dress has paper flowers around the waist.  You can create the same look using our Perfect Flower Girl Dress and adding some flowers from a haberdashers or a craft shop:

 with silver organza sash