Tips on Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

Here are some tips on choosing your perfect flower girl dresses.

1. First, don't buy the flower girl dresses until the bride has chosen her wedding dress. Then, consider the colour carefully. Only if the wedding dress is stark white (or a colour other than ivory) should you buy a white flower girl dress. Please note that many colours called "white" are not white at all but pale shades of ivory.  Silk can never be white and the popular colour "diamond white" is not white at all but pale shades of ivory. For any ivory dress, however pale, you will need (unless you are buying coloured flower girl dresses) an ivory flower girl dress. It does not matter if the shade is not the same ivory as the bride's but the flower girl dresses should not be a lighter shade than the wedding dress because it will otherwise make the wedding dress look dirty; a darker shade for the flower girls is fine and will blend.  To check if a dress is white or not, hold it against a sheet of plain white A4 paper and see whether it blends or looks creamy in comparison.

2. Secondly, we urge you take  or obtain the children's height and chest measurements. We do not recommend buying the flower girl dresses more than six months in advance of the wedding (3-4 months beforehand is ideal) but please add half a centimetre to the child's height for each complete month until the wedding (as a rough guide to average growth). First, look across the height row of the size chart first to ascertain which height band the child falls into and this will then normally give you the corresponding size. Then check that the chest of that size is not too tight - you need to allow at least 2 centimetres extra for comfort in the chest. If the chest is too tight, go up one size and check again. If the next size up still does not work, then we do not recommend that you purchase as the waist will not fall in the right place if you go up more than one size.  If the chest of the dress is more than 5 cms bigger than the child, then go down one size.

3. If at all possible, buy the dresses together.  This is to ensure that dresses are from the same fabric batch and that the girls are wearing dresses with a consistent length. If you are buying them separately, then please let us know what you are planning to do so that we can put dresses from the same batch aside for all of you.