The difference between the Princess Dress and the Olivia Dress

Many of you have asked what the difference is between the Princess and the Perfect dresses so here it is:

Princess  Olivia
Pale Ivory Colour Classic Ivory Colour
Bodice is of medium quality satin Bodice is of top quality bridal satin
Two vertical seams on the chest Flat at front with no seams
Stiffer tulle layers to skirt scrunch up more Softer tulle layers to skirt which swish more
Standard sizes only up to 12 years/30" chest Plus sizes also available up to 14XXX which is 38" chest
Sizes 2-5 years are quite long in this style Sizes 2-4 years have been made shorter
Dress would retail at double this price in a bridal boutique if we didn't manufacture it ourselves
Exclusive to Demigella