Size Guide

As we sell flower girl dresses from many different manufacturers from many different countries, the sizing varies from dress to dress.  What you need to do is to select the correct size for your bridesmaid is:

1. Measure the child's height and chest as per the diagram below:

2. Add one centimetre for babies under 24 months and half a centimetre for children aged 2 and over for each whole month until the date of the wedding to the height.

3. Open the page for the dress you are interested in and open the tab marked "Sizing Info". 

4. Check which size is suggested according to the height of the child in the first instance.

5. The check that the chest of the dress is between 2 and 5 cms greater than the chest measurement of the child.  Go up or down a size as appropriate.  If the chest still does not fall within the 2-5cms range having gone up or down a size, please contact us for advice.