Sevva Cindy Size Chart

To choose the correct size:

1. please measure the child's height from head to toe and then the chest just under the armpits (not over clothing).  Then add half a centimetre for each complete month until the event for children of 2 years and over and a whole centimetre per month for children under 2 years.

2. Then choose the size according to the height measurement.  For example, if the height measurement is 116cms, choose the 6y size. The best fit is at the top end of the height band so don't go up a size for growing room - this has already been taken care of in Step 1.

3. Then check that for the size you have selected by height, the child's chest measurement falls within the range given.  If it falls outside this range, you may either need to have the dress altered or you may need to go up or down a size.  Please contact us for advice if you have any queries whatsoever.

Size  Height of child in cms Chest of child in cms
12-18 months 75-80 (length of dress 45cms) 43-48
18-24 months 81-86 (length of dress 49cms) 45-50
2 years 87-92 49-54
4 years 93-104 51-56
6 years 105-116 59-64
8 years 117-128 62-68
10 years 129-140 64-70
12 years 141-152 70-76