Demigella to the Rescue!

September 11, 2013

Demigella to the Rescue!

We have had a lot more calls than usual from disappointed brides who have bought flower girl dresses on other websites and then either not received their order or received something completely different to what they were expecting in terms of actual garment, size or quality. We have then come to the rescue!

We just wanted remind people that:
1. when buying online, check where the company you are buying from is actually based. Make sure they are displaying their company details, name, address and phone number on their website. Some of the highest profile online sellers of wedding apparel are actually based in China selling cheap copies of designer dresses. These sites look very slick but have fooled many people into thinking they are going to receive a genuine designer article. 
2. you should check how easy it is to exchange or return something you do not like, no longer need or which does not fit. The logistics of returning something to China are not straightforward and you are not guaranteed a refund or replacement.
3. if you are having a dress sent to you from outside the European Union, it will be subject to customs charges (c. 12.5%) and possibly VAT. You must pay this together with a customs handling charge before your parcel is delivered and you need to factor this into the price together with the shipping costs. It also costs money to use your bank card overseas. Add all this up and you will find that the dresses are cheaper if you buy them from us - we have already paid for overseas shipping and duty when we imported the dresses to the UK and these charges are included in our prices.
4. many people get the sizing wrong when ordering. If you get it wrong and have ordered with us, it's no problem at all to get another dress in the right size quickly.
5. you should search online for reviews of companies before you buy. Non genuine companies will have no shortage of bad reviews on the internet.
6. shipping dates can be much longer and the sender has no control over how long parcels spend in customs so if you order from overseas you need to leave extra time to receive it. Many parcels are arriving late especially if you order around Chinese New Year in which case there can be a month's delay. Our dresses are in stock in the UK and you can have them straight away. 
7. check that you can speak to the company concerned in case you have any queries about your order.

Please feel free to leave any comments below.

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